Corporate philosophy

Keep challenging, create together, bring hope for all.

Our goal is realize the wonderful world which can bring hope for all the people by realizing the next generation space structure like a Space Based Solar Power System, Solar Sail and Starshade.

The word “keep challenging” shows our decision of that we will realize the space structure of the future. The history of space development has been always challenging, and revolutionize the technology through the exploration of the universe. We want to revolutionize through the challenging too, and realize the space structure of the future.

The words “create together” shows that we want to cooperate with variety of people to realize the space structure of the future. The past space development was also need the cooperate with the a lot of country and people so far. We make use of our strength, cooperate with a lot of people, create together from things to future.

The words “bring hope for all” shows our cooperation bring hope for all. A lot of people has been challenge to the space, and they gave us the many of hope and dream. We also do the same through the our business and challenge, and realize the future which all the people can hope and dream.

Through the our business, we realize our corporate philosophy.


Our team will continue to find the solutions by pursuing deployable space structure.

Our team will continue to provide the solution of the deployable structure. As a professional of deployable structure, we want to tell attraction to people.

Our key technology is analyze the dynamics of gossamer structure. Gossamer structure is made up of the extremely flexible structure, so it is difficult to do deployment test on the ground. So, realizing this structure in space, it is necessary to analyze the deployment motion. This structure can attach to not only CubeSat but also space structure of future, analysis of dynamics is indispensable.

Generally, it is difficult to analyze the motion of deployable structure what it become lager and lager or more and more flexible. Our analysis technology can calculate the dynamics of such structure, so we can provide the solution of various technical issue.


Space Based Solar Power System

Space Based Solar Power System (SBSP) is one of the large-scale space structures that has been envisioned for a long time. SBSP operates by generating solar power in space, then transmitting the generated electricity to Earth in the form of microwaves or laser beams, and finally converting them back into electrical power on the ground. It has been considered as a next-generation renewable energy source, with many methods being explored over the years.

One of the currently envisioned concepts for Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) involves generating power on the order of 1GW. This would require forming a massive planar structure spanning several kilometers in space. Such a gigantic structure would be modularized and assembled in multiple phases. It is expected that these modules will also be very large, employing flexible deployment structures.

Additionally, as SBSP is intended to be assembled in geostationary orbit, construction by humans would be extremely challenging. Therefore, unmanned construction becomes essential, and there are significant challenges associated with the technology for connecting modules that possess flexible deployment structures.

Our goal to achieve a sustainable society powered by clean energy by realizing this Space Solar Power System.

Digital Twin

A digital twin refers to the technology that accurately replicates humans, objects, and spaces in a virtual environment on a computer. If numerical calculations can be performed within the replicated spaces in the virtual environment, it is believed that real-world experiments could become unnecessary. This technology has been rapidly adopted in recent years.

Every product in the world undergoes various tests during the design phase to verify the effectiveness of its functions. Generally, the cost associated with these tests is very high, necessitating thorough preparation before proceeding. This represents a significant burden for companies.

Digital twins can replicate any event in a virtual space, allowing for the simulation of all tests previously conducted with actual models with high accuracy. This significantly reduces the costs associated with testing and enables an increase in the number of tests that can be performed. This is particularly beneficial for space structures, which are heavily affected by gravity and air resistance and are difficult to test on the ground. The development of these structures is expected to accelerate with the realization of digital twins.

By realizing digital twins, we aim to contribute to the expansion of space development through the reduction of development costs and the shortening of development cycles.

Space Science

Just like planets such as Earth and Mars orbit the Sun, it is known that planets also orbit the stars that twinkle in the night sky, and these are referred to as exoplanets. When observing these exoplanets through telescopes, the dazzling light of the stars can be obstructive. A method called Starshade is used to block out this starlight, allowing for the direct imaging of exoplanets.

A starshade works by placing an occulting device, which spans several tens of meters, between the telescope and the star. This prevents the star’s light from entering the telescope and captures the image of the planet. Among these exoplanets, many have been discovered that are considered “habitable exoplanets,” where life could potentially exist. However, imaging these planets directly is challenging with current technology, and their presence is mostly detected indirectly.

We want to implement the starshade, enabling us to observe the surface of exoplanets that have been difficult to study until now. Through this, we seek to discover a “second Earth” capable of nurturing life in a manner similar to our own planet.